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Members’ Homepage
The main place you’ll hang out is our homepage. Here you’ll find all the latest tutorials and articles by category. You can also use the links on the main toolbar to access any of those categories to browse all the content within it. Click the Mixed Up Creative logo to return to the homepage at any time.

The Extras section contains all the additional resources that are part of the Mixed Up Creative family of products. Where you see a yellow button beneath the Extra, that means you have access to that Extra (either as part of your membership or because you have purchased it). If it’s grey, that means it’s available to you as an add-on purchase.

Resources: Every month members receive a FREE printable or printables bundle as part of their membership package. On this page you’ll also find additional bundles which are available to purchase at greatly reduced prices.

Offers: Here you will find offers for our other products, like Academy classes and printables from the Etsy store – check back regularly and be aware that coupons expire!

My Account
On the My Account page you can see all and edit all your account details, upgrade or cancel your membership, and view the purchase history for any Extras you have added to your membership.

Keeping in touch:

New content is added weekly on Fridays. We’ll email you every week with the latest additions so you never miss an update.

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How to I get the PDFs?

There’s a link at the end of each project to open the associated PDF and save it. At the end of each month, we also provide all the PDFs for that month in a single downloadable PDF file (you can find this in the PDF Collections section). One advantage of the PDFs if that they can be read offline.

Can I edit my account details?

Yes, you can edit your details on the Account page, as long as you are currently logged in.

What happens if I cancel?

All memberships with Mixed Up Creative are on a recurring payments system, so your membership automatically continues unless you make a cancellation. At checkout, you will be asked to create a recurring payment to us, based on the membership type you choose. If you decide to cancel, you will continue to have access to the site for the duration you have remaining for your subscription type, but you won’t be billed again for future subscription periods.

With our Annual Membership, payment is made up front for the whole period and you remain a member for 12 months.

With our Monthly Membership option, there is a minimum subscription period of 3 months. You will be billed £15 for your first three months, then £5 per month thereafter. If you cancel at any time during your membership, you will retain access until the end of that payment period, then your access will cease.

Full terms and conditions can be read here.

How do I stop recurring payments?

If you want to leave us (be aware we might cry!) you need to cancel using the cancel button in the My Account screen. You’ll find this next to your subscription type in the top box.

You may also want to check that your recurring payment instruction is cancelled. In Paypal, locating a payment to Mixed Up should give you a link to cancel any future recurring payments. If you paid by Stripe (debit or credit card), you’ll need to ask your bank/card provider to cancel the recurring payment instruction. If you don’t know how to do this, we are happy to help or to make the cancellation for you – just email

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